The Benefits Of Hosted Servers


While shared servers are cheaper than dedicated options, shared hosting has space limitations and security concerns. While shared hosting may be the cheapest option because the cost of the server is divided or “shared” among many different clients, it doesn’t provide all the control a large website needs. Dedicated web […]

The Best Data Security Methods


Using the right data protection technologies can help your organization prevent breaches, mitigate risks, and maintain safeguards. The following 10 tips will help you improve the security of your data. Follow as many security rules as possible to protect data integrity. Best practices cover all aspects of data center and […]

No, It’s not a Nigerian Prince, It’s a 419. Yes, They still Exist.

The “Nigerian prince” scam, also called the”419″ scam (named after Nigeria’s criminal code for fraud), is one of the internet’s first and most devastating scams. For those still unfamiliar: The scammer introduces themselves through email/phone as a person of royalty who wishes to donate an enormous amount of money. The […]