How Good is The Intel Core i9-9900K Really?

Intel’s Core i9 platform established higher clock rates and higher core-counts to home desktops. Since they prioritized core-counts, these chips were incredibly expensive. Although this makes complete sense, the Core i9 chips were often not the ideal pick for average consumers as such high speeds were not necessary.

Intel claims the i9-9900K is the “world’s best CPU chip ” — in other words, a chip that the ordinary person was not intended to use and own.

As opposed to competing directly with AMD’s Threadripper 1900X or the Ryzen 7 1800X, the Core i9-9900K guarantees the best of both worlds. It’s a base clock rate of 3.6GHz, fitting the Ryzen 7, but boosts up to an adventurous 5GHz Turbo frequency. Its core count may be far behind, however, the Core i9-9900K can reach higher per-core clock rates at default settings.

It is priced like a Threadripper, has the core count of the Ryzen 7, and clocks faster than either. The Core i9 is not the same as other chips we have seen before.

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