How to Create an Online Course for Your Employees

These days eLearning is something that all businesses should have. If you want to improve employee performance and engagement, then you need to create an online course. You might think this is a great idea and can see how it will benefit your company, but you are stuck wondering where […]

Why SEO is Important for your Business?

Many manufacturers and companies understand (or think they know) they want SEO because of their electronic possessions, and the benefits they will gain from this search engine optimization work being implemented on their behalf. SEO will certainly enhance a website general searchability and visibility in regards to what they want […]

5 Cloud Components Every Cloud Developer Should Know

The fast-changing technology had led us all transforming tangible storages into something almost unlimited, the air. And that is what we all call now as the ‘cloud’.   What is The Cloud? How Does It Actively Work?   For us to understand it better, as the terms suggest, the cloud […]

How Good is The Intel Core i9-9900K Really?

Intel’s Core i9 platform established higher clock rates and higher core-counts to home desktops. Since they prioritized core-counts, these chips were incredibly expensive. Although this makes complete sense, the Core i9 chips were often not the ideal pick for average consumers as such high speeds were not necessary. Intel claims […]

AMD vs Intel : Battle of the CPU’s

Price is a significant consideration when it comes to picking a CPU for your next computer upgrade. The two most popular CPU manufacturers are AMD and Intel, so let’s take a look at which one is right for you. On the lowest end of the price scale, AMD chips cost […]

No, It’s not a Nigerian Prince, It’s a 419. Yes, They still Exist.

The “Nigerian prince” scam, also called the”419″ scam (named after Nigeria’s criminal code for fraud), is one of the internet’s first and most devastating scams. For those still unfamiliar: The scammer introduces themselves through email/phone as a person of royalty who wishes to donate an enormous amount of money. The […]