How to Create an Online Course for Your Employees


These days eLearning is something that all businesses should have. If you want to improve employee performance and engagement, then you need to create an online course. You might think this is a great idea and can see how it will benefit your company, but you are stuck wondering where to start with this. If you are wondering where your beginning point is, then read ahead!

Choose Your Topic

An excellent online course will be able to help you solve a problem that is occurring. A few examples are your representatives are no good at communication, they’re are not closing deals, and your sales are down. You can ask your staff ways to stay safe at work, and they might not be able to tell you more than one way to stay safe at work. It is important first to think about the type of learning you need; you want to go for a topic that will cover what most of the workers lack and go with a topic that will offer something good for everyone. You will also need to think about your business needs and what is lacking there before you find the right topic to base your online course around.

Conducting Research and Gaining Material

Once you have decided on a topic, you then need to find out as much as you can about the topic. You don’t need to create absolutely everything from scratch as there are resources out there to help you create your learning experience design either free or for very low fees.

Places like IBM, articles from the web and YouTube are great resources for researching. Also, take a look at the training from other companies, which can give you an insight into what their learning objectives are. If you want to take info from the resources, ensure you have permission from that company to use the research on your online course. You will also need to reference where the research was taken from if you get permission to use it.

Most companies will have some sort of training content that can be used in the online course. There will be online libraries, workbooks and previous training manuals that you might be able to refer to for information.


Mapping out Your Course

Having collected the right type and amount of information, you can start to arrange it all. Here is where you need to think of the learning path of questions and information that gradually grows harder. You should build on skills and knowledge in each module on the things learnt in the previous module. If you are new to an online course, creating this part can be a little daunting, but there are several training certification programs online that you can use to get started. Think about the subtopics you are going to include and what order they are going to appear. Think about a catchy title for each module and use active statements. Include a picture with bright colours that will help to keep the attention span wide.

Once your course is organised and loaded up, you can then start advertising it. Memos, notice boards, emails and phone calls are all great ways to promote your online course and encourage everyone to get on board. 

Ensure you leave a place for feedback so you know where you can improve and what else learners would like to see included.

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